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I plan to keep most of this journal public, but if I should decide to switch a bunch of my more personal stuff here then I will start locking particular posts. Please comment here if you would like to be able to read both my unlocked and locked posts when that occurs. Thank you!

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** Originally posted July 3, 2009 **

So as I mentioned in the previous post my first scrapbook began a little oddly. I had no idea where I wanted to go with it or what I wanted to do with it. All I knew is that I had this sudden urge, or need, to just get right into it so without hesitation I picked up some supplies and started. The first page turned out to be titled "Life Lessons" and an idea formed in my head for where to take the journal after that. I had decided to use the scrapbook as a sort of final chapter in a friendship that had been lengthy but ended so abruptly it surprised and shocked me.

I had been friends with this girl for some time. It was with her I started traveling to conventions in the first place, which is why the scrapbook eventually headed that direction I suppose. I decided why not devote a scrapbook to her and to closing the door on a friendship that suddenly, abruptly came to an end. Low and behold that mode of thinking landed me smack dab into the "daring to attempt scrapping" department.

I had found a purpose for the scrapbook. It would serve as a way to gain closure, a way to move on, move forward...take what I learned from that friendship and apply it then move onwards. You know that quote about friends? Some people come into our lives for a reason, others for a season, others a lifetime...well apparently this girl was one of those "reason" people. She came into my life at a time when I needed something, stuck around for a while then just disappeared. I did learn some things from her like how to be more care free. How to become more outgoing. I learned a lot about tennis (way more than I ever expected) because she played it and loved it and I learned a few other things, but she wasn't meant to be in my life for more than a few years and when that time was up she vanished without a trace.

I've only seen her twice since she abruptly vanished with no explanation or reason as to why our friendship ended and each time I glanced at her and just went on about my business wondering briefly how someone could so abruptly dismiss a person they claimed to be closest to without a second thought or glance. Then I shrugged my shoulders and went on about my business. I'm glad I don't see her often because it's just aggravating to see her and how she acts now verses then...and to even recall how badly she treated me on our very last trip together just pisses me off thoroughly so I rarely dredge such memories up...but she was a part of my life and I felt it only right to put into scrapping words and such to show how she affected it and such.
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** Originally posted June 30, 2009 **

(there are images to some of these old posts that I will go back and include once I upload them to a place I can access them...and I apologize for the post on top of post on your flists...I'll try to upload only a few posts at a time to keep from bombarding)

Okay so I know I said I was going to wait until the weekend to post some of the first scrapbook pages I ever created but then I got off line and started thinking. Next thing I know I'm scanning the first four pages with the intent to share here. Yeah that's me...a bit unpredictable at times indeed : )

So what got me into scrapbooking other than being shifted to night shift and despising working that particular shift? Well like I said earlier I had this idea, one that kind of formed in my head as tiny little grains of salt that soon grew larger and larger until I couldn't just ignore them anymore, couldn't blow them away like dust, couldn't sweep them under any rugs to hide them, couldn't even remove them from my brain because amongst those tiny little grains of salt was forming an idea, a thought, a possibility that I wanted to dare attempt but that literally scared the crap out of me. You know those doubts I spoke of earlier? Yeah those niggling little things that poke at your mind and at your self-esteem whispering negative little phrases in your ear while stirring little flecks of uncertainty within...? Yeah they were there in leaps and bounds but me I'm one who trudges on despite everything and so I dared to attempt scrapbooking. It proved quite the challenge but I took the initial step.

When I first started I wasn't even sure what exactly it was I wanted to do. I had a vague idea, a vague notion, a teeny plan emerging... I knew I wanted to do something with all the convention pics I took through the years. I knew I wanted to find some way to be able to display them all. I knew I wanted to make it interesting, something I'd return to again and again. I had the base idea. What I was left with after that? Where to go from there. How to breathe life into my basic ideas and how to make them merge and blend, bleed into something more. Thus I underwent a transformation in my thinking of sorts. I spent days toying with the idea, days thinking of how to do exactly what I wanted, days of fighting off the doubts, of ignoring those urges that said I was totally insane for even attempting such a feat. Eventually I came up with an idea, a beginning...a place to start.

The first page of my scrapbook oddly enough became Life Lessons...a list of little lessons I wanted to keep with me, of things I had learned, of things I needed to keep in mind when working with two very difficult people. My first page was created and I loved also became the starter for my very first scrapbook.
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** Originally posted on June 30, 2009 **

Okay so I was originally planning on starting by sharing some of my scrapbook pages, but have to scan them first and probably won't get to that until the weekend so I'm opting to share the start of my Chicago journal. Now you must be patient with me as I haven't quite figured out how the displaying image bit goes on over here so images may be a bit...whacked. : )

I started journeying to Chicago for a sci-fi convention several years ago. It ended up becoming a yearly event and remains one to this day. It started back in 2004. It was my first year actually touring the city and seeing it. I had been to Chicago in the past but only as a stop off for layover flights so I had never seen beyond the Chicago O'Hare Airport. I decided when I went to this convention I was going to see the city. After doing some research and such I found out that a CTA train went to the city from the airport and since my hotel provided free shuttle service to and from the airport I had a way to get there. The first year in the city I stayed for approximately 10 days. I usually stay about ten days each time I travel out there. After taking a yearly trip out there since 2004 I now have tons of pics from each individual trip but again like those conventions pictures I referred to in the previous post they were all placed in albums that are rarely looked at, so I decided to try my hand at a travel journal. What I now have: a huge overly stuffed journal full of pics and such from my last five years of vacations to the wonderful windy city of Chicago.

It's proved to be fun and interesting trying to make each year's entries different from the past years of entries. I've dabbled a bit with acrylics, a bit with drawing, a bit with colored pencil and even fiddled some with stickers in the journal. I admit the first few pages look a bit "rough around the edges" but they are some of my earliest attempts at creating a sort of art journal (keep in mind the only prior experience before undergoing this particular project was from an LJ community in which you mailed journals on to others who each contributed to the journal with their own stories, artworks and such). The Chicago journal has proved to be an interesting way to "wet my whistle" so to speak, my way of "getting my feet wet" and breaking past the initial "I don't think I can do this" phase.

Now? Now I find it extremely interesting to go back and see what I've learned and how my journaling has changed. I'm glad I started the journal and though I'm not always in the mood to work on it and it seems to be an unending work in progress it's something that keeps my creative muses flowing even when my writing muse stalls. The other big advantage to creating one such journal? I have a great unique album that I can cherish and hold onto for years to come! Who could ask for more?
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Okay so trying to post an old entry to see what the journal will do with it...please be patient!

Looks like I can't really post the actual, original date so here it is:

** Originally posted to blogger on June 29, 2009 **

So years ago, many years ago, I was one of those people who said I had no interest in art whatsoever...well, other than gazing at other's works. If you would have asked me back then if I'd ever do anything remotely artistic I would've probably laughed in your face and told you I could never be an artist. My how times seem to have changed a bit.

How do you ask? Well let me tell you. :)

For years I admired other's art and longed to one day learn how to be that creative too. My creativity though seemed limited to my writing. Yes I'm a writer. I write stories, have been writing for over 20 years now. My how time flies!

So yeah getting back to my main topic of discussion...

I write, my creative muse has always been for writing and then one day I started fiddling with artwork, started looking at magazines for scrapbooking and gazing longingly at all the wonderful layouts people made. I wondered if I could do that too and would simply shake my head, say no way and never think on it much again...other than to pick up those same magazines and again look at the pics.

I was shifted to third shift abruptly after one of our night shift workers committed suicide. I stayed on night shift for about half a year. It was the WORST half a year I have ever had! I hated the two I worked with because they were always so negative, gossip queens most would have labeled them and they were nasty! So me? I tried to work on my stories, on my writing there but just couldn't do it. I need a certain level of silence, of comfort to work and that just was not the place for it so I picked up those scrapbooking magazines. Eventually I wandered off to AC Moore's and gazed at the aisles of stickers and paints...I broke down and bought myself a blank scrapbook. My mind began to toy with the idea of fiddling with scrapbooking on my own. Soon I was going through convention pics. I travel to conventions, have been for years and have tons of pics of the guests at the cons but sadly they remain in envelopes and storage...never to be seen by others. So I got this brainy idea to make a scrapbook devoted to the conventions and low and behold I was on my way to becoming artistic...a foot in the door, a very shaky one at that but it was enough...

Eventually my sights journeyed to the wonderful world of art journaling. I've always liked journaling and to discover that people sent personal journals around the world for others to add to...well that just plain intrigued me...and soon I was joining an LJ community just for art journaling. I got sucked in quite thoroughly and have been hooked ever since!

For years worked on other people's journals (still do) and created entries for them then got a brainy idea to try it for myself. Now? Now I'm experimenting and having a blast, all the while expanding my minimal repertoire of artistic talent...the journey has been quite...amazing ever since and thus I decided why not share a bit of that here with others. I tried that over at my other blog but it just didn't seem to fit, you here I am daring to create a second blog with a separate blogging company and wondering where this door will lead me...if any where.
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Okay so it looks like the easiest to import would be LiveJournal, but since I've been on that for over five years and there are a ton of entries I think I shall wait on that.

I was kind of hoping I could do the quick import thingy with blogger too, but I guess that'll all have to be done by hand so if you see some weird and random posts that seem a bit outdated it would be because I'm trying to draw posts from all the multiple journals I've had (even those I only posted a few entries in) and bring them all here.

I not only have a LJ but also a blogger, a Typepad and even a MySpace and frankly I'm tired of having all those journals scattered all across the web, so I believe it's time that I work at remedying that. It may take a while, but I'm going to attempt it eventually :)

In other news...

I'm frustrated! It would seem that I won't get to see tonight's episode of SPN because a game pre-empted it and instead of the CW playing it after the game like they have in the past they chose to play those stupid cheesy comedies I can't stand and have no note about any attempts to air an episode :(

Why did SPN move to Friday night's if it is only going to be pre-empted repeatedly by stupid sports I hate??

Argh! And then last night I tried watching "The Vampire Diaries" but something was interfering so strongly with the signal that I got a bunch of pixels, freeze frames and garbled garbage instead then the electric went out! Same thing happened on Tuesday when I was trying to watch now I'm wondering why I suddenly have decided to start watching more than one show on television since...forever, only to be faced with these such issues that make it impossible and just succeed in pissing me off!
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For anyone interested...

I attended several Stargate conventions through the years and recently uploaded pictures from this year's Chicago Stargate con. If you're interested in seeing the pictures please follow the link below to the set and enjoy! Thank you! :)

Hello all!

Mar. 14th, 2010 08:08 pm
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So basically I created this journal here because so many from the fandoms I read and follow are moving from LJ to here. It's rather frustrating to me and since I found myself a code to start up a free journal here I decided it couldn't hurt...of course now that means I have three journals to my name instead of two. Ah well it can't hurt, can it?

For now this journal will remain open to the public so don't expect any majorly in depth detailed stuff here. Perhaps some of my fic, some of my pictures but not much else at the moment. To read those, for any who recognize my journal name, you can find me over at LJ...same name there as here. It makes things simpler in the long run...for now at least. :)

Only drawbacks here thus far? I can't create my own mood theme unless I have a paid account. Sorry but that won't be happening for a bit seeing as I do have a paid account over at LJ. Still don't let that discourage you and if you track me here feel free to friend me.

Take care everyone! :)

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