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Well not much to tell. I'm a whirlwind of contradictions really. My interests are extremely varied and due to that I can pretty much strike up a conversation on just about anything. I'm a writer, a fan of sci-fi shows, a little bit artsy and a wee bit complex. I also love to read books and do research on just about any topic that triggers my interest. I also love to talk, meet new people and travel. Basically, I'm an ordinary person who has an ordinary life but a very strange, overactive imagination.

If I should happen to suddenly friend you it's because I find you interesting and would like to learn more about you. Please feel free to friend me back.

If you should decide to friend me please be aware that a lot of my posts are friends locked. These are usually posts in which I'm discussing such things as my writings, my life in general, venting about work or talking about things of an adult nature. If any of these things bother you then you may want to reconsider. If they don't then welcome! : D

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